“Nice day for a Naked Wedding!”

“I want a divorce.” So I know sometimes when we look in the mirror we want to say these very words to our bodies. And maybe wish that we had a different body, a body that was more like someone elses. When what we should be saying is “Marry me!”

Just like a marriage, our bodies are soft and supple in the beginning of childhood but as the years go on, it changes and sometimes a lot as we grow up, stress out, work out, have children, gain weight, or lose weight. I say we need to stick it out with our bodies through the good and the bad. Why not make this Valentine’s Day super special and finally commit to your first ever life partner: yourself! 

Like a marriage there are always ways to improve! Even though we fight with our bodies at times we have to put in the work and give it tender loving care. That means treating our bodies right, feeding it well, treating it to nice things every once in a while like shopping or a nice dinner, saying positive things about it like “I love you” or “Hey baby, you look fantastic in that dress!” Seriously, saying “I love you” to yourself in the mirror can sound a little strange but sending some positive vibes really makes a difference and will brighten anyone’s day!


When we sign the papers for a divorce with our bodies in our minds we are not taking care of ourselves. We are giving up on everything we’ve worked for. And even though times have been though we did it together and scars do heal. We are your bodies and our bodies are us. That’s why it’s so important to stick together! When we treat the body good it will love love us back. Our bodies are our life partners and we should make a commitment to it.

Now, this is the magic moment to say our vows! Let’s get down on our knees and re-commit ourselves to our bodies. Let’s make a promise to our bodies, our confidants, our Bonnie or Clyde’s, our life partner. Try saying these words to yourself in the mirror (And don’t forget to smile!): 

1. I promise to love you unconditionally and accept you as you are.

2. I promise to love you through sickness and in health.

3. I promise not to compare you to other bodies.

4. I promise to not allow myself to be jealous of other bodies or wish you to be like other bodies.

5. I promise to say positive things about you that only lift you up.

6. I promise to remove negative speaking when I talk about you to myself or others.

7. I promise to humbly accept a compliment to you rather than pushing it away or discrediting it.

8. I promise to celebrate, honor, and cherish you, the beautiful body I’ve been gifted, for the rest of my life, till death do us part.

Congratulations! You’ve just committed yourself to your amazing body! I wish you a long and happy marriage with yourself. You may now Dance Naked to celebrate this momentous occasion! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Brynn Possible


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