Why I dance naked.

I posted this on my Facebook wall last month after having kind of a rough week:

This is why I Dance Naked: Over the past week I’ve had two people come up to me and comment on my weight or lack thereof. People gain or lose weight for a number of reasons: health, change in diet, stress, anxiety, surgery, sickness, etc. It is very normal for any human being to gain or lose 5 pounds here and there. And although I appreciate their concern I believe it is misplaced and poorly executed. I have a great support system of close friends and family who have my back and care for my well being. If I look smaller than already am it’s because I’m wearing a CORSET in a play set in the Victorian era. They have no right to approach me and express perceived concern based on their judgement of how my body is supposed to look on any given day. It seems that no one is exempt from criticism no matter what your size. This is why I believe firmly that I love my body, today and everyday, through ups and downs, through sickness and in health. I respect and feed it well. My body is a gift I shall not squander. I am made up of stars. And I. DANCE. NAKED.


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