Now THAT’S a power pose! Put on some sweet tunes and try this one with your naked self today! Oh, Don’t forget to smile ☺️ 🎵💖 #dancenaked


Happy Monday lovelies! This guy Kit really knows how to dance naked! I love the way he gets down with his bare self. No shame whatsoever! #dancenaked

A little Ophelia character study: Today I checked out the Ray Man exhibit at The Phillips Collection called “Shakespearean Equations” where he uses mathematical renderings turned paintings to represent 23 of the Bard’s plays. The one pictured above is, you guessed it, Hamlet! Man says that it represents Ophelia’s white skull and also her breast, a comment on the representation of women in the play, a fixation that Hamlet turned into abuse toward both Ophelia and his mother Gertrude. Super cool stuff! #dancenaked #Ophelia #R&G #folgertheatre #hamlet

Misty Copeland is changing my world right now! Why? Not only is she a phenomenal dancer she takes care of her body and celebrates it to the fullest extent through ballet. She is an advocate for young girls and has her own line if dance wear for women with real curves! She is performing as the lead, Odette, in Swan Lake in Washington, D.C. right now at The Washington Ballet! #dancenaked (at Folger Shakespeare Library)

When I was little my Mom wanted me to try being a model. I know now I was destined for different things. Of course I’m always down for a cover shoot Vogue! #dancenaked #model #vogue

Have you ever tried to give your friend a compliment and they just shoot it down? And then they go on a huge tangent of how wrong you are, that you’re crazy for saying they look great. I’m guilty of this myself. It’s almost a reflex to degrade ourselves when something nice is said about us, especially as women, and we confuse this with being humble when ACTUALLY the humble thing to do would be to simply say “thank you!” to your sweet, kind, thoughtful friend! Keep a mental tab on how you speak about yourself to others today. Does the negative outweigh the positive? Love, BrynnPossible

Whenever you look in the mirror and feel a little unsure about your body bust out one of these: NAKED POWER POSE! I’m sure you’ve all heard of power poses from the famous TedTalk but I’d like to suggest this one in particular. If taking up space energizes and pumps you up for your interview, think of what it can do for your positive body image! So go ahead, show yourself a little love and strut your gorgeous naked self in this Naked Power Pose! Oh yeah, don’t forget to smile while you’re at it! Love, BrynnPossible

Saying positive things about ourselves isn’t being vain, it’s being kind to yourself on a daily basis! You can be humble by appreciating the beautiful body you’ve been given. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you are having a good hair day, are loving your legs, body, or outfit, say it and proclaim it out loud! “Check me out! I look GOOOOOOOD today!" 



Sometimes, without realizing it, the negative things we say about ourselves outnumber the positive things. Even when we are joking we are still putting ourselves, and at times others, down. This negative speak adds up, surrounds us, and ultimately hurts us in the long run. Combat negative speak today by saying something positive out loud to yourself and to the people in your life! The good should always outweigh the bad!