10 Reasons Why my Boobs are Awesome!

That’s right. My boobs are awesome! For many years I have had issues with my boobs but have come a long way with coming to love and embrace them. However there are still times when I look in the mirror and I feel like I don’t look like a “real woman” because of how small they are. I also don’t have shapely curves that a lot of larger women are fighting to love and embrace currently and have even considered my sexuality because of these things. I’ve often thought, “If I don’t look like a woman than am I a boy?”

When I was a little girl learning about puberty in Sex Education class I was so pumped about getting boobs. Maybe some kids were scared about their bodies changing but I was saying, “Bring it on!” As the years passed I watched many of the girls around me growing boobs and hips while I stayed mostly the same. I felt self conscious by the time was in high school because some of the middle school girls were more “developed” than me, even after I got my period. Now I look very much like I did in high school and weigh about the same too. Over the past few years I’ve realized the shape of my body doesn’t define me as woman, I do. And my precious mounds that sit on my chest are full of all the good things I put in my body. I try to eat well, live an active life, dance naked (of course!), and try to use positive speak when I talk about myself. This past week I was feeling a little self conscious so I challenged myself to cheer myself up and made a list of 10 reasons why my boobs are awesome because…why not? They are! 

1. Small and sweet like little cupcakes on my chest!

2. Baby soft, super smooth skin!

3. How they are lighter in color than the rest of my body (they don’t get much sun!)

4. I can wear sexy Bralettes! No more painful underwire for unneeded support!

5. On summer days I can go bra-less with my sun-dress!

6. Tube tops, tank tops, and halters were practically made for me!

7. Jumping up and down at a rock concert in my tube top is pain freeeee!

8. No saggy boobs for me! Gravity literally has nothing to pull down.

9. Less fatty tissue means that smaller boobs are more sensitive to..ahem…stimulation! Wee! 

10. I can pull off anything Kiera Knightly and Thandie Newton wears! #winning

Honestly this list took me a while but I eventually filled it up and I feel so much better! Some of these are from myself and some I did a little research on. Make your own list about the parts of your body that you struggle with. Post your list on your dresser, mirror, or refrigerator to remind you of all that the things that make you awesome!  




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