Drink Up! It’s time for the One Gallon Water Challenge this month!


Join A Guide to Dancing Naked in the One Gallon Water Challenge all this month in drinking one gallon every day!

I just moved to Denver, Colorado and between the altitude and dry air it is truly a struggle to stay hydrated on a daily basis. It seems like no matter how much water I drink my throat is constantly parched. When I wake up in the morning my sinuses feel tight and my nose feels hollow and hard. And It doesn’t help that I have eczema that causes flaky skin on my face and body. I often feel like I’m in one of those old cartoons with my turban in the desert crawling toward a distant mirage of an oasis whispering “Water…water!!” So when I heard about the One Gallon Water Challenge I had to jump on this bad wagon for my own sake. And after a little research I found out some great ways that hydrating on the regular can greatly improve my quality of life and relieve me of some of my Mile High City woes. 

“Water makes up about two/thirds of who we are, and influences one hundred percent of the processes in your body.” -Camelbak hydration expert Doug Casa, PhD.

Water making up 2/3 of WHO WE ARE is an amazing fact to me. It just shows how imperative water is to make sure that all of our body functions are running properly. 

6 Ways water can improve our daily lives

1. Weight-loss

Drinking a glass of water before a meal makes you feel more full, satiated, and may also boost your metabolism. Studies have shown that people are more likely to have better success with weight loss when drinking water regularly than those that don’t!

2. Mood

You can improve your mood and general happiness with having water as a regular part of your diet. Mild dehydration has been shown to negatively impact moods. I would be cranky too if I was thirsty! 

3. Prevents Common Illnesses

Water is a natural detoxifier. It has been recommended to drink a huge glass of water first thing in the morning before any food, coffee or tea, to rinse out your system to clean out that digestive tract. This can give you a leg up on any colds or flus going around the office or school. Studies show that the greater the fluid intake, the lower incidence of bladder cancer and urinary tract infections (UTI), especially when that fluid is water. I’m down for preventing uncomfortable UTI’s!

4. Skin 

Your skin is an entire organ! It is made up if skin cells that need water in order to survive and protect you from the outside world. Also, when you drink water it goes to all of your other organs before finally reaching your skin. That’s why drinking water at an even keel throughout the day is the best way to help your skin naturally cleanse itself of toxins, heal, and prevent wrinkles. Because I have eczema, extremely dry skin, it is super important that I am getting my daily dose of H2O!

5. Mind

When your body is hydrated, so is your mind! Dehydration causes shrinkage in brain tissue. Yikes! That means our brains have to work harder and it becomes difficult to stay alert. It’s been shown that students test better when they bring water to exams. It’s the gas that keeps us moving, active, and acing those finals! 

6. Hangovers!

Celebrated a little to hard last night? Drinking enough water can help take the edge off hangovers. Feeling crummy after even a few glasses of wine the night before is caused by dehydration that occurs naturally when drinking alcohol. Sipping water steadily as you drink and the day after can ease your post-happy hour headache.

What does a gallon of water look like?


When I think of a gallon of water I think “Whoa Mama! That’s a lot of water”. Actually it’s not that much. And as much as it would strengthen your biceps, you don’t have to carry around a huge gallon container with your everywhere. There are 128oz in 1 gallon. Looking at my own 30oz water bottle, I see that I only have to fill it up about 4 times during the day if I have an 8oz glass when I wake up in the morning. Thinking of it that way this challenge is super do-able. 

Yummy Ways to Stay Hydrated!

Don’t get me wrong, water is great, but it’s not the only or best way to stay hydrated. Fresh fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries have minerals, and natural sugars needed to hydrate us and can be better that water alone! A friend of mine at work has a huge cup of water she brings in and fills it with fresh fruit to sustain her throughout the day. Some other options are to add cucumber and mint to your water bottle, or even some lemon and lime to refresh yourself throughout the day!


Chug, Chug, Chug!

Remember, this is not college and we don’t have to be chugging water like a maniac. Drinking water steadily throughout the day is the best way to maintain your hydration. 

Are you up for the challenge?

This month I ask you to join me in this challenge. A hydrated body is a happy body and I am in full support of this. Not only is the One Gallon Water Challenge easy, it totally FREE! Get creative with your water and try to get some naked dancing in there too this month! Keep me posted on how your challenge is going. And if you every have any questions about this challenge or about A Guide to Dancing Naked just ask me!


Brynn Possible


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