Dance Naked 365 Project: The Ritual

Only 4 more days until the Dance Naked 365 Project begins!

Don’t worry, no sacrifices will be had in my bedroom. The use of ceremony and rituals by humans and non-humans have existed throughout the history of life itself. There’s something about repetition, even in prayer, that finds a rhythm in the very core of us. I feel a certain kind of focus and ease that comes with rituals, even a comfort. Then there are habits, good and bad of course, but I think this ritual of mine will become a good one. What happens when we make a habit of celebrating our bodies, smiling at our own image, jumping up and down on the bed naked with hands held high in the air like a kid, the wind gliding across your skin as you move through space?  Things will fall away, while others rise up and take their place. There is an ease that comes with ritual and ceremony, a knowing, a grounding, a sense of peace. What if spending some good ol’ quality time with your naked self came with little to no effort? No anxiety, wincing, or hesitation. Well that’s kind of what I’m seeking. Ease and infinite intrigue. Here’s a peek at what my ritual will be:  


Of course there will be some creative gap filling by yours truly but this is the  basic set up for my daily ritual. I’m interested to see how my journaling will manifest itself.  I’ve thought to practice what a session would be like but I think it’s a little too preemptive and should allow day 1 to simply be day 1. I also wonder how or if this magic will trickle into my “muggle” life. I suppose there’s only one way to find out!  

Again, if you have questions or curiosities about the Dance Naked 375 Project please PM me! If you like this project please share. You never know, it may be helpful to someone you know! Want to try this for yourself? Definitely check out “The Guide” on and see for yourself!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!




Just because…I love to dance!

I LOVE to dance. I try to incorporate movement and dance into my daily life as much as possible. I’m essentially a dance nerd, whether that’s having mini dance parties in the break room, dance class, or even after a shower. But honestly I feel a little down and even detached from myself when I don’t. Dancing Naked has become a tool for me to ground myself, experience a kind of mindfulness, and have intimate moments of creative expression. With the Dance Naked 365 Project I get to really dig in deep and dive down into the depths of my heart. Well, on that note, wish me luck! -Brynn

Dancing Naked takes Real Bravery

I believe that facing your bare self in the mirror and dancing it out everyday takes real bravery. Sometimes you just want to cover everything up but giving yourself no place to hide is a good habit. I’m super excited about the Dance Naked 365 Project kicking off this March 1st! I will be dancing naked everyday for a year and journaling my experiences on this blog. Feel free to follow me on my journey! I don’t know exactly what will come of it but I’m curious to see what comes of this new ritual in my life.  -Brynn 

A Guide to Dancing Naked is on WordPress!



So, a few things:

A Guide to Dancing Naked is now on WordPress!

There are some really cool things happening with A Guide to Dancing Naked. The first is the new site! I used to work from Tumblr but I realized that is wasn’t the best home for AGTDN. WordPress will also allow me a little more freedom and inspiration from the community to write instead of focusing on just images. Don’t worry, I won’t be getting rid of my illustrations, just doing a little more writing!

My goal this year is to show the connection between me and this project. They are in an intimate waltz together but sometimes the partners aren’t always in step. When this happens they simply brush themselves off, line up their feet, find each other with their eyes, and on the exhale take the room in a flourish.

Here are some things to look forward to this year with A Guide to Dancing Naked:

The Mission

I’ve revamped the Mission of AGTDN so be sure to take a peek here. There is something I believe strongly about dancing naked and I just put a little more of my heart into the mission.


This past year I’ve been reading and studying a lot about compassion and would like to incorporate that into what I do here. I don’t think you can really get to the root of truly loving yourself without meditating on compassion and how it relates to individuals and the people that surround them. It pulls us toward our best selves!


This is the part where I practice what I preach. Literally. My personal life has been a little hectic this past year with moving to a new city and starting a new life, a new job, and tapping into the artistic market here making a name for myself in Denver, Colorado. What have I been doing the least?? Dancing naked!!! I found myself getting my dance naked time in only once or rarely twice a week. Last week I immediately thought, “This cannot continue! What am I most afraid of right now in life?” Honestly I’m not quite sure yet but I’m going to figure it all out with #DanceNaked365 starting this Spring! Everyday for 365 days I will be dancing naked and chronicling my experiences on my blog. I’m striving to jump into what I fear most: myself. I don’t exactly know what will reveal itself from this new daily ritual on the horizon and am mentally preparing for facing myself in the mirror every day for the next year. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on the official date!

Reach Out! 

I realize more and more that people struggle with body image in different ways at different places in their lives. I want you to know you are not alone in this. I’m right there with you. That is why I am offering my hand. Please reach out to me if you are struggling with this issue or have any questions, curiosities, or concerns on the matter at Ask Brynn.

To braving the dark nights inside of us and shining our own star light to illuminate the sky,