Dance Naked 365 Project: The Ritual

Only 4 more days until the Dance Naked 365 Project begins!

Don’t worry, no sacrifices will be had in my bedroom. The use of ceremony and rituals by humans and non-humans have existed throughout the history of life itself. There’s something about repetition, even in prayer, that finds a rhythm in the very core of us. I feel a certain kind of focus and ease that comes with rituals, even a comfort. Then there are habits, good and bad of course, but I think this ritual of mine will become a good one. What happens when we make a habit of celebrating our bodies, smiling at our own image, jumping up and down on the bed naked with hands held high in the air like a kid, the wind gliding across your skin as you move through space?  Things will fall away, while others rise up and take their place. There is an ease that comes with ritual and ceremony, a knowing, a grounding, a sense of peace. What if spending some good ol’ quality time with your naked self came with little to no effort? No anxiety, wincing, or hesitation. Well that’s kind of what I’m seeking. Ease and infinite intrigue. Here’s a peek at what my ritual will be:  


Of course there will be some creative gap filling by yours truly but this is the  basic set up for my daily ritual. I’m interested to see how my journaling will manifest itself.  I’ve thought to practice what a session would be like but I think it’s a little too preemptive and should allow day 1 to simply be day 1. I also wonder how or if this magic will trickle into my “muggle” life. I suppose there’s only one way to find out!  

Again, if you have questions or curiosities about the Dance Naked 375 Project please PM me! If you like this project please share. You never know, it may be helpful to someone you know! Want to try this for yourself? Definitely check out “The Guide” on and see for yourself!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!




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