Day 30: The Sensation of Me

On my third day of awesome Muse naked dancing epicness I finished “The Second Law”. I have the deluxe album so there are some special features like extra songs and making the album videos which I am currently listening to as I write. It’s very interesting to see the process of other artists.

In tonight’s session I found something  very interesting. I first noticed that I often extend my limbs outward to take the room, take the space, fill the air. During “Isolated System” the last song on the deluxe album, I brought everything in as close as possible. I also closed my eyes so I could focus in on how my body actually felt. I moved my hands and fingers all over my body and simply breathed myself in. I was surprised at how warm I am, mostly at my core. I usually think of myself  as this cold blooded, almost anemic, person. I rarely feel completely comfortable unless it’s at least 75 degrees and sunny. Air conditioning is my enemy in the summer. So for me to hold my flesh and feel warmth was very comforting. I felt like I was a living creature, similar to a parent seeing their baby’s heartbeat in an ultra sound. And for a while I disappeared into myself, into some kind of cosmic womb where the whole world disappeared around me, my hands never leaving my flesh, and as I ran my hands up the nape of my neck I held my skull at it’s base and allowed the full 3 pounds to rest in my hands as the song concluded. Magical, just magical. And if you hear this song you will see how easy it is to be transported. I’m not sure what album will be next. I’ll decide in the moment and it will be a surprise! Enjoy “Isolated System” and tonight’s illustration!



Day 29: My 2nd Law

A continuation of my dancing naked homage to my favorite band Muse, I continue with their album “The Second Law” tonight. My illustrations depict how this music inspires me. Yesterday’s post is my attempt at the original album cover, while tonight is an answer to it based off my experiences tonight. As I draw I listen to the album. I can honestly listen to it back and forth and never get tired of it. For some reason I like to hear particular songs more than once, and by more than once I mean at least ten times in a sitting. When I first started writing my playlists down in my posts I was self conscious because I thought I was a little boring. I often listen to songs over and over. I get inspired, learn more about the timing of the song, pick up a lyric I missed in the past, or want to explore choreography in a particular section. So don’t be surprised if you see things again. I’m just exploring something new, messing around with something, or just really really like that song!  Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” has been in my main rotation for months now. This particular song is great for practicing handstands but that’s a whole other post for another night. Below is my illustration from tonight!


Day 28: Musing with Muse

If you don’t know already, Muse is my all time favorite band. I will probably sing their songs to my children when they are about to go to sleep. When I was younger and being introduced to “cool bands” like Radiohead, The Mars Volta, and System of a Down I really appreciated their music but they weren’t me. Muse’s music really touches at my own inner intensity, imagination, inclination for the theatrical, and emotions. I only thought it was appropriate to do an homage to them for this project. I’ll be listening to all of their albums from this point forward in no particular order. Tonight I began with “The 2nd Law”.

I was immediately transported when I played “Supremacy” as I dramatically removed my clothes and stepped into a world where an uprising was stirring on my home planet. I continued with “Madness” as I fell in love with a fellow soldier on the way to the battlefield. It being a late night I closed out with “Panic Station” and rocked out as I robot-ed my way through mimed epic guitar riffs. Looking forward to continuing the album tomorrow night!


Day 27: Scrub-A-Dub

Tonight I found myself dancing as I scrubbed my bathtub naked. This morning I went to church for the Easter services, had a lunch date, and then headed out to Lakewood to shoot a student film. When I got home it was a little after 8pm. The kitchen was messy, the bathroom cluttered and some laundry needed to be done. I also hadn’t had dinner. I thought, “I’m only human, I can’t do everything!” That’s when I decided to do a little multi-tasking. I started the clock, put on some tunes, and started “dancing” my clothes off. I spent a little time in the mirror but then start taking out my cleaning supplies and wiping down the mirror. I tidied up and put my shirts in the laundry. As soon as I knew it my timer was at 34 minutes. Not only did I get my dancing naked time in but knocked out some chores I was dreading having to do. And heck, it was actually really fun!

Almost a month into the Dance Naked 365 Project I realize that there is always time to put in hours for my daily sessions. When I first began I worried, “What if I get busy?” or “How will I find time to do this every day?” When something is really important you make time for it. I’ve found a lot of creative ways to put in my time without stopping my life. It is becoming part of my routine and I like it this way. I get to be creative, listen to new music, improvise choreography, and do my illustrations. I think it’s so cool that I have a project where I get to do hobbies that I really enjoy daily! Scrubbing your bathtub naked while dancing may not be your cup of tea but I can sip on this kind of stuff all day!


Day 26: Bunny Hop!

Happy Easter everyone! Last night’s naked dancing session fell into the karaoke realm reminiscing my childhood while I listened to Britney Spears, reenacting old music videos, and doing my sign language interpretation of “Baby One More Time.” I ended the night with “Reapers” by Muse which always trancends me to planetary realms, holding tight to my imaginary electric guitar, and riffing into other galaxies. Afterward I generally am on a high and am more aware of the taste of the high altitude air in my lungs. I feel born again for a short period of time before floating back down the Earth and taking out my drawing pad. A thought appropriate for Easter, I guess. Either way, I hope you all have a great holiday today!

-Brynn Possible


Day 24: Lash Out

Why do we lash out? Why do we get angry? What is your trigger? I try to name my triggers so I can see them up ahead and prepare myself to handle them. One of my triggers is hunger. I have a fast metabolism and when I run out of snacks or have a long gap between meals I can get very ornery, and bad tempered. Because I know this about myself I refrain from talking and focus on getting home and getting the sustenance I need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Zen master but being upset and taking it out on others is not the way to go. Last night I was feeling the fire in my core. What did I do? I danced it out! Nothing gets you out of a bad mood like dancing naked. Trust me, I kind of do this every day.