Day 6: Welcome to the Working Week

I’ve just completed my first week of the Dance Naked 365 Project! It’s been really fun and at times difficult trying to get a routine down. Getting started on these endeavors is the hardest part. How do I incorporate this new ritual into my life? I’ve also been contemplating Barbie dolls and how they are coming out with anatomically correct body shapes. But what exactly is anatomically correct? First off, why are we idolizing dolls? When I was a teenager I was never upset that I didn’t have a body like Barbie. She’s a plastic doll, there’s no reason why I should want what she has. My human body is easily superior to her manufactured one. When you slice Barbie’s skin she does not bleed nor does she heal. She cannot feel love or the millions of emotions we feel in a day. She does not have the miracle of sight or language or creative thought. Why would I want the body of a mere toy? When did our imaginary cross into our reality? I loved playing with Barbies and a little girl. I had the dream house, the limo and the hot tub but when I was done playing it was over. I packed everything up and had dinner with my family or went to play outside. I wonder if young and even older women aren’t putting the dolls away, or maybe they can’t. Maybe they are still lying around on the floor. I’m just not sure. Either way, I’m dancing naked tonight to celebrate what I’ve got, right here, right now. 

-Brynn Possible



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