Day 7: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

Happy Tuesday! Some great things happened yesterday. I got my hearing back in my left ear and I went to my first indie feature film premiere! 

I also recently straightened my hair, normally curly, to switch up my look a bit. I’m at odds. I really like it both ways. I have my “natural” look  but then I also my have a flowy long hair look that I can’t get with my curlies. And although my Curly hair really reflects my spirit and personality, when I straighten my hair, which is long and dark, I’m reminded of my American Indian ancestry and for some reason I feel closer to that part of my heritage when I also look at my eyes and jaw line. I realize my identity isn’t just one look or hairstyle which is why I don’t mind mixing it up a bit. However when I look at myself now and recall our family black and white photograph of my great great grandmother in traditional garb, her long braid, feathers, and the same small eyes looking back at me I’m in awe. I wonder what world her eyes saw and what she would think of my world. Her eyes are they eyes of my distant past. 




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