Day 10: This is Real Life

I started this project not knowing what was in store for me. All I had was a handwritten ritual and a goal  of doing it every day for 365 days. There have been some normal hurdles like busy schedules but last night it got real: I’m on my period and I have to be naked. Now  periods, depending on the woman, can be a messy business. And it’s often perceived as something to hide and is super gross and preferably not talked about. Well, I’m talking about it because I will have to work through this for one week every month for the next year.

So here’s how it went:

I started out in just my underwear but felt a little silly. Then I thought, “Does Misty Copeland skip her ballet performance because she’s on her period?!” No way! I immediately took them off, made sure my tampon was secure and started dancing! If need be I’d clean up afterward. Limitations are mental and I removed this one. No stress, no mess!


Brynn Possible


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