Day 11: Naked Lip Sync!

Tonight I’ve decided to do a little naked lip syncing. I try to keep things exciting for myself by playing games much like I did when I was a teenager. I went with “The Lonely Island” for the artist for the reason that their music is comic brilliance. Not only was it fun to listen to, I was laughing most of the time. Levity is important while dancing naked. I really enjoy the moments when I don’t feel conscious of being completely bare, kind of like Adam and Eve before the fall.

Everyday I start my timer and then take off my clothes. Sometimes like a little kid before a bath, reluctantly but as soon as they are in the bubbles it’s all fun and games. By the time I’m done smiling in the mirror at my naked form for a minute or two (very important to my ritual) I drop whatever stress or tiredness I felt from the day and let go. Being still for a moment is very difficult. My mind wanders, I forget to smile, or I start dancing.  My mind moves rapidly from memory, to daydream, back to me, and then to something else. I’m still working on this.

I do feel that dancing naked is a way to decompress without sitting on my butt watching TV, though there are days I’d prefer to do just that. I have a job where I work at a computer all day so I’m not particularly in a hurry to get home and lay down and look another screen. It also gives me some alone time. I generally take a shower after I’m done before writing in my journal and it has become it’s own ritual. I grew up playing alone a lot and this is the perfect activity for an extroverted introvert like myself. I’ll definitely consider more games I can play in future sessions. I already have a few in mind. Until then, I’m off to slumberland.

-Brynn Possible



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