Day 14: One foot in Front of the Other

I was listening to a Ted Talk recently about two men traversing Antarctica. The last team who attempted this 900 mile trek from the end of the continent to the bottom (or top depending on where you’re looking from the universe) died. I may be off on the mileage from memory but it was an incredible distance. When asked how they completed such a feat the man simply said one step at a time. Thinking of the end what just too much to handle. And this was no walk in the park, we are talking no sunlight most of trip and it was always, always deathly frigid. They almost died of starvation. Moving in inches seems have been the mind set that kept them alive. 

I think that’s a good mantra for this life. We think we know or even have an idea of how things are going to go but all we can do is hope. There are so many unknowns of what will be. Focusing on the end seems like a foolhardy mindset. Why not focus really hard on doing all the small steps to your best ability? And eventually when you look up, well, you’ve reached the summit! 

To my life’s trek,

Brynn Possible



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