Day 28: Musing with Muse

If you don’t know already, Muse is my all time favorite band. I will probably sing their songs to my children when they are about to go to sleep. When I was younger and being introduced to “cool bands” like Radiohead, The Mars Volta, and System of a Down I really appreciated their music but they weren’t me. Muse’s music really touches at my own inner intensity, imagination, inclination for the theatrical, and emotions. I only thought it was appropriate to do an homage to them for this project. I’ll be listening to all of their albums from this point forward in no particular order. Tonight I began with “The 2nd Law”.

I was immediately transported when I played “Supremacy” as I dramatically removed my clothes and stepped into a world where an uprising was stirring on my home planet. I continued with “Madness” as I fell in love with a fellow soldier on the way to the battlefield. It being a late night I closed out with “Panic Station” and rocked out as I robot-ed my way through mimed epic guitar riffs. Looking forward to continuing the album tomorrow night!



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