Day 29: My 2nd Law

A continuation of my dancing naked homage to my favorite band Muse, I continue with their album “The Second Law” tonight. My illustrations depict how this music inspires me. Yesterday’s post is my attempt at the original album cover, while tonight is an answer to it based off my experiences tonight. As I draw I listen to the album. I can honestly listen to it back and forth and never get tired of it. For some reason I like to hear particular songs more than once, and by more than once I mean at least ten times in a sitting. When I first started writing my playlists down in my posts I was self conscious because I thought I was a little boring. I often listen to songs over and over. I get inspired, learn more about the timing of the song, pick up a lyric I missed in the past, or want to explore choreography in a particular section. So don’t be surprised if you see things again. I’m just exploring something new, messing around with something, or just really really like that song!  Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” has been in my main rotation for months now. This particular song is great for practicing handstands but that’s a whole other post for another night. Below is my illustration from tonight!



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