Day 30: The Sensation of Me

On my third day of awesome Muse naked dancing epicness I finished “The Second Law”. I have the deluxe album so there are some special features like extra songs and making the album videos which I am currently listening to as I write. It’s very interesting to see the process of other artists.

In tonight’s session I found something  very interesting. I first noticed that I often extend my limbs outward to take the room, take the space, fill the air. During “Isolated System” the last song on the deluxe album, I brought everything in as close as possible. I also closed my eyes so I could focus in on how my body actually felt. I moved my hands and fingers all over my body and simply breathed myself in. I was surprised at how warm I am, mostly at my core. I usually think of myself  as this cold blooded, almost anemic, person. I rarely feel completely comfortable unless it’s at least 75 degrees and sunny. Air conditioning is my enemy in the summer. So for me to hold my flesh and feel warmth was very comforting. I felt like I was a living creature, similar to a parent seeing their baby’s heartbeat in an ultra sound. And for a while I disappeared into myself, into some kind of cosmic womb where the whole world disappeared around me, my hands never leaving my flesh, and as I ran my hands up the nape of my neck I held my skull at it’s base and allowed the full 3 pounds to rest in my hands as the song concluded. Magical, just magical. And if you hear this song you will see how easy it is to be transported. I’m not sure what album will be next. I’ll decide in the moment and it will be a surprise! Enjoy “Isolated System” and tonight’s illustration!



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