Day 57: “Killed by Drones”

Last night I finished “Drones”, Muse’s most recent album. This is officially the end of my project within Dance Naked 365. I’m very happy to have revisited all 7 albums of my favorite band. I really like listening to albums like this and would like to continue it, especially if I can listen to artists I haven’t heard of before. With Spotify I have access to a lot of music. That being said I’m open to suggestions!


Day 55: Monday Funday!

Well, the weekend is over and it’s time to go back to work again. Where I would normally dread this day, as I usually only get Sunday off, I’m actually looking forward to it. I have some new projects I’m working on and will have a little time to plan out the next few weeks for myself. I also have some auditions coming up in the next few days that I would normally be stressed about but am thinking them more as fun exercises to make me better at my craft. And whether I get the job or not is entirely up to the powers that be. This is a huge weight off my shoulders.  I have ambition but I don’t want to force puzzle pieces into place.

I’m about halfway through “Drones” my final Muse album in my 7 album series. I honestly think I’ve become more of a Muse fan, which is possible, after this project. I’m not even tired of the music as one would assume. My sessions have only ignited my flame for them. I’d like to keep this going  with more albums and new artists. Of course if there are those out there who have recommendations I’m open to some suggestions! Simply place it in the comments below. Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying this warm sunny Monday in Colorado.

Day 54: Feelin’ Free

Sunday is my only day off during the week so it’ll be nice to catch the daylight while dance naked. I’ve recently found myself using my iPhone headphones in my sessions. I don’t have a fancy speaker so the quality isn’t that great to enjoy a full room experience, especially if the laundry machines are going. I had a quick session last night after working, going to a team building event for work and then running to see a play with my friend Rachel. All in all a productive day. And the warmer weather was also a plus. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

-Brynn Possible

Day 53: “Drones”

Last night I began “Drones”, the latest album by Muse. They are currently on their tour and I’m a little sad to miss it but would be content with a High Definition DVD of the concert. Either way I can’t believe this is the last album in my little project! If anyone has any recommendations for albums you’d like me to dance naked to I’m open to suggestions! 

Day 52: “Ruled by Secrecy”

Last night I finished “Absolution” by Muse and will end my project with their most recent album “Drones” starting tonight. This illustration is inspired by “Ruled by Secrecy” and also my recent binge watching of superhero TV shows like Daredevil. I also think people in general hide behind these alter egos we create, projections of the selves we think we should be or would be more liked or successful. When I dance naked, I haven’t quite gotten to the deep existential question of who I am, however I’m definitely reminded of what  I’m not. Which is anything that I try to put on that is inauthentic, like being bubbly for others when I really just want to be an introvert and watch Adventure Time by myself at home. Just some thoughts. Happy Friday!