Day 31: “Origin of Symmetry”

I’m now on to my second Muse album, “Origin of Symmetry”. In the moment I chose it, which was right before I began tonight’s session, because I thought it appropriate and a natural sequence following the end of “The Second Law”. Just to give you an idea of the scope of my project within a project, there are 7 Muse albums in order: “Showbiz”, “Origin of Symmetry”, “Absolution”, “Black Holes and Revelations”, “The Resistance”, “The 2nd Law”, and the most recent, “Drones”. My project will not include the three live albums, “Hullabaloo Soundtrack”, “HAARP (Live From Wembley Stadium”and  “Live At Rome Olympic Stadium”. Although I REALLY enjoy these albums I don’t think it’s necessary for the project. And as I considered my choice of “Origins of Symmetry” in my movements tonight many things came to mind.

What is balance? When I think of this I think of Lady Justice holding a two weights that are constantly tilting from side to side as you add or take away sand or objects. Just when you think things are equal, you find they are not. When I look in the mirror and attempt to have the perfect amounts of conditioner in my hair, or the perfect face products, or the shirt I look the best in, it never seems to add up. There’s always something off. I think the off days prepare me for the good days, really appreciate them, and vice versa. Now that I dance naked I notice I have fewer bad body days, and by fewer I mean non existent. Even as I prepare for the bloaty days of menstruation, I does not fill me with dread the way it used to before I began the Dance Naked 365 Project. I’ve also found that any imperfection I see is simply brushed off or overridden by some higher joy or humbling from dancing naked. I’m finding tiny gems like this in my rituals after doing it for a month now. I’d like to see how month 2 will feel like!




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