Day 32: Sleep to Live Another Day

Having a drink or two before a dancing naked session is always interesting. Sometimes I’m able to make new discoveries and feel more uninhibited than ever but other days I just want to wrap it up and go to sleep. It’s usually the former but tonight I think the summation of a long week, and no real days off for the past two weeks is weighing on me a bit. I went out for dinner after work this evening and had one drink however the session itself was a little blurry, unfocused. My thoughts were very scattered, and although I had moments of presence, I wasn’t completely committed. I felt unbalanced. Outside of dancing naked land I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m dropping the ball, that I’m not keeping all my ducks in a row, that it’s all just sliding through my fingers as I watch helplessly. I kind of have an idea of where these feelings are stemming from.

Fatigue is real. Your brain just isn’t going to function as well as it can when you’re overtired. That means you can’t really enjoy the things you really love or do your well because your mind is trying to hang on for dear life to keep your basic organs functioning. Even on my illustration I felt like a drunk person really trying to concentrate on acting sober. I’m being reminded sleep is not just a way to kill time in between work. It’s critical time to heal, restore, rest, and dream. I’m definitely getting to bed early tonight to get my mental facilities back in order. Tomorrow will be a long day so I have to make this one count!




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