Day 33: Ah, Rested

After getting to bed early the other night and making use of my breaks to get a power nap in have proved successful. I work on Saturdays so I had an early start but ended early at 1pm. Afterward I headed to Red Rocks National Park and Amphitheatre to shoot a student film with some friends I’ve made at University of Colorado Denver. It was a beautiful day and of course the location was stunning.

Without a permit we thought we’d be shut down by the Park Rangers but we were very lucky, or maybe they didn’t care, I’m not sure. It’s kind of my dream to see Muse at Red Rocks. They day went on and we finally wrapped around 9:45pm and I got home around a little after 10:00pm

“TIME TO DANCE NAKED!!” I said aloud as I put down my bags and took off my hiking boots. I honestly felt kinda pumped for my session. The night started with “Micro Cuts” which is an amazing song and really took me out of the day behind me and in the moment with my body. It’s this epic rock falsetto of a song that just kills it at the end. I don’t feel so bad for being born in the late 80’s and missing out on awesome bands of old like The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and Queen now that I have Muse. There was some crazy hair-ography going on at the end of the song and you’ll just have to listen to it to know what I’m talking about (see video below at 2:53 mark). I actually played the song multiple times last night. The next song on the album, I try to go in order, was “Feeling Good”.  A uniquely Muse cover of the classic song, made famous by Nina Simone, and written by British songwriters Anthony Newly and Leslie Bricusse for the 1965 Broadway Musical The Roar of Greasepaint-The Smell of the Crowd. I love Nina but I think Muse destroys it. It’s still jazzy and the use of Matthew Bellamy’s piano prowess lift the song to electric heights. I closed out the night with “Screenager” which is like a rock flamenco that magically dips into otherworldly realms seamlessly. I’m reminded how much I love this album and why it still remains one of my favorites.

After getting ample rest I was able to be very present in my dancing naked session and allowed the music to move me. This coming week I’m going to strive to get the sleep I need. This task is easier said than done and at times impossible due to late night film shoots but I’ll find a way. I have to, I suppose.




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