Day 40: Black Hole

There’s a dark side to everyone but there are those that away more into the light. And as happy and optimistic as I can be most of the time, I surprise myself at the places I go when I am angry or upset. It’s almost like a transformation I take and there’s a dark dark place that is very unpleasant that sits somewhere in me that rears its nasty head when the moon is full. I call this my black hole. When a person loses their temper, they are showing a weakness. There is no strength in someone that is angry, only those who are able to maintain their patience and calmness. This is very interesting to me and makes me think deeply about when I am quick to anger, what am I revealing about myself? Why does a particular subject or words that someone says really get me? I want to be able prepare myself to allow things to simply wash over me like a Tai Chi master! It doesn’t happen often but when it does I don’t want to crumble, I want to be humble. I think there’s a level of mindfulness that is necessary to achieve this. I want to reduce the strength of my black hole. I’m going to look into this and get back to the subject in future!



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