Day 41: Shower-Biz

Some weeks are longer than others and this one for me was very long. Between working full time, 4 film shoots, intermittent auditions, and little sleep, it has felt a little like the world is crumbling around me. In spite of this I’ve rallied and have taken it in inches, and in hours. I’m a little bummed that I’m a behind, only slightly, on my journaling but today is my catch up day and should be back on track tomorrow morning.

Of course it wouldn’t be an end of a stressful week without a good solid cry in the shower! I did get some dancing in my session but there was also some sobbing under the shower faucet in there too to be honest. Everything just came to a head and poured out of me. I held myself and let it all wash away. Any doubts I’ve had, mistakes, failures, triumphs, lessons just came to the forefront (I told you it was a long week). I was able to see them clearly and take them for what they were and learned from them. Taking a moment to forgive myself for not being perfect was a moment that stuck with me and left me with a clear eyed calmness that carried into today.

As I have the day off I am able to recover, reflect, and let things settle. My heart it still beating, my chest rises and falls, and the sun is shining on my face today! I’m just grateful for another chance to have an awesome day.

Last night I listened to this “Unintended” by Muse a few times:




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