Day 44: Unintended

Tonight I finished “Showbiz” by Muse, my fourth album in my project within Dance Naked 365 in which I dance naked to all of an artists albums. I think I already have an idea what album is next just based on how I feel from the end of this one but still not 100%. I’ll decide for sure tomorrow. 

Revisiting Muse’s first album has been insightful to the kind of group they are now and why I have grown to adore them throughout the years. Nevertheless they’ve always had something utterly unique about them, this capacity to create an atmosphere that transports their audience into the starry rock galaxies they create. Their excellent musicianship speaks to this gift they seem to have. Of course I can only speak for myself but I’ll be a Muse fan for life.

I’ve also recently drawn through my entire sketchbook! For some odd reason I thought it would last me all year but am barely into the 2nd month. I’m trying a different kind of sketch paper. It’s thinner than the previous and more white than cream. They didn’t have the book I had last time but I do like that the pages tear out and it’s the same brand, Canson. I have a few other art books that are Canson so I guess I like them.

Honestly, I think it’s amazing that I’m doing this project at all, and even more amazing that I’m doing a project within a project with a focus on my favorite band! This was all very unintended, whimsical, and some nights I’m surprised at how far I’ve come. I think on this after seeing the last page of my first art book torn out. I’m blown away surprised that I dance naked everyday and blog about it. It’s a whole new level of nerd for me but honestly I think it’s very fitting.

-Brynn Possible



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