Day 47: My Exogenesis

Exogenesis usually refers to the hypothesis that life originated elsewhere in the universe and spread to earth. While this is not my personal belief,  I do believe that we are made up of the same particles and building blocks of planets, and stars, and galaxies that surround us. As I begin the Exogenesis Symphonies by Muse tonight I can’t help but think beyond myself and past the sky. While snow is falling tonight in Denver, Colorado, the sun is shining in another hemisphere, a storm is brewing hot on Venus, and Mars is iced over. What if our “world” wasn’t just our jobs, our kids, our hobbies? What if our realm expanded beyond this planet and beyond?

It’s a little scary. It’s easy to forget that we are part of something much more massive and unfathomable for our tiny human brains. We are just spinning in the ether and by some miracle I’m here, dancing naked, listening to music, and contemplating my life on Earth. If anyone thinks there’s hope for life on Mars I think they’ve forgotten that this place was made for us and even a “back up” won’t ever measure up.




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