Day 44: Deja-Vu

So looking over my posts it looks like I’ve skipped a day! I made an illustration for the 43rd however my post is for the 44th day; I skipped ahead. Probably on one of my sleep deprived days ,and for this I apologize. So in order to remedy the situation, let it be known that I will make today’s illustration Day 44, and tonight’s post Day 48 for the sake of balance. Here we go:

Last night I finished “The Resistance” but Muse. My session was a little lengthy. After listening to the last Exogenesis Symphony, I couldn’t help but backtrack on the other symphonies. And a replay of “United States of Eurasia” was unavoidable. Often times I am still dancing after the clock stops. I simply didn’t want this album to end. I’m a little disheartened that I have to move on to the next album. I honestly could just redo this album all over again. I could have finished this album in one song and then continue to the next last night but I just couldn’t. It might just be my favorite…might just.

I’m still not sure what album I will choose tonight as the second to last in my project. It’s a toss up between “Drones” and “Absolution”. It would be nice to end with their most recent but I’m not sure if it’s the natural progression from where I am after “The Resistance”. I’ll probably begin playing one of them and then decide to stick with it and end with the other. Either way I’m having  blast and not thinking too much into it.

I’ve been listening to the music on this album with the ipod headphones. I feel like I’m more intimately connected to the music and move around the space without any worldly feedback. I have a window that doesn’t have a curtain and haven’t thought to cover it at night. It’s a little above most of the houses that surround my apartment but if a  person who lived in a building in the distance decided to use their binoculars or telescope to see what movement was happening in the lit room from afar, they’d probably see me. I don’t spend a lot of time there but am aware…I’ll look into a curtain.




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