Day 63 & 63!

Hey lovely people! One exciting thing that happened is that my computer stopped working! No biggie it’s just at the local Mac repair shop (Shout out to Denver Mac Repair). Meanwhile I’ll be posting via iPhone with my WordPress app. Below you will find my post for days 62 and 63. It’s a tandem illustration, the left being my version on Alt-J’s album “An Awesome Wave” and the right being inspired by their song “Something Good”.  

I can’t believe I’m only 2 months into Dance Naked 365! I’ve become more illustration focused to express my thoughts after my sessions and if I have anything else to say I just add it in but it’s no longer a requirement in my mind. Alt-J only has 2 albums to this will be short lived. Still looking for suggestions to get out of my comfort zone, so if you have any please let me know!


Brynn Possible

Alt-J album cover for “An Awesome Wave”


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