Day 67-71

Well friends, for the past week I’ve been on holiday in Louisiana! I’ve been dancing naked and clocking my times. To be honest I had a whirlwind day and completely forgot but danced an extra long session the next day. I’ve visited New Orleans, participated in the Crawfish Festival, eaten boudin and binets, and even caught a glimpse of an alligator while canoeing in the bayou at Martin’s Lake! I’m a little behind but I do have some illustrations for you. 

I finished the final Alt-J album and moved on to Fallout Boy. I didn’t realize how much I like this band! It reminds me of being in high school and all the fond memories that come with that. It’s not really Louisiana music but it definitely keeps me entertained. Still open to suggestions! Please post below!

Finding time to dance naked when you’re visiting your boyfriend’s family has been an fun challenge. Telling them about my blog is always an interesting conversation but 2 and a half months in, I’m pretty happy with it!

This illustrations capture my final days with the band Alt-J. I attempted to recreate their album cover and was inspired by their song “Hunger of the Pine” for the “I’m a Female Rebel” illustration that incorporated the album art into her hair style.

My final day with Alt-J’s “This is all Yours” album, “Puller” is my answer to their song “Pusher”. For me it’s seems that pulling keeps me from just letting go. 

Finally we have “Dance , Dance” which captures my time here in Louisiana and my Fallout Boy musical experience. 


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