Day 95-97: Mermaids!

What little girl doesn’t like Mermaids? They are these mythical creatures that live under the water, half fish, half woman. Outside of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” I was most fascinated by the mermaids from “Hook” starring the late Robin Williams. From when I was little up until now when I watch this movie, a all time favorite,  I remember the scene where Peter falls into the water and these beautiful green, purple, and red haired mermaids saved him by kissing him and blowing bubbles into his mouth. They glowed and had shimmering skin. They were as colorful as any tropical fish you’d see on a coral reef or in a fish tank at a Japanese restaurant. In such a way you can’t stop looking at them, you’re mesmerized. I was so enchanted by this image. Of course I wouldn’t imagine mermaids wore much clothing, as I believe clam shell bras would be cumbersome and difficult to swim in and since they would be underwater, sagging wouldn’t be an issue. So I used my colored pencils to start sketching.



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