Day 109: These Hands

So some cool news, I got some new black illustration markers! I had a few “fancy” ones from the local art store but they dried out quickly and barely lasted. I made sure I turned them upside down but they would sputter and eek out streaks on my drawing pad. Womp womp.


These markers come in many shapes and have varying tips and thickness to create certain effects. I have become enamored with the Brush Tip. It feels the closest to a pencil but with sharper, cleaner lines. As I was practicing with my new pens I began to draw a figure, pictured below, looking down at her hands, fascinated with them.

Do you ever wonder why in movies that whenever a character wakes up in a new place, an alternate universe, or have just been beamed up or down somewhere, they always look at their hands first? Or if someone has gone through some transformation like Teen Wolf, or Freaky Friday? I wonder why our hands are this symbolic way to show us that we are alive, still in one piece, or that we are in fact who we are.

Politics are thick in the air in America at the moment and honestly I’m on the fence. And not just any fence. A really tall one that if I fell off either side it would most certainly hurt. All of my ideals have really been challenged this past year, and honestly I’m not blow away by either of the final two candidates. This being my second election that I’ve been eligible to vote in I can’t help but to look inward and be honest with myself and my personal beliefs. I’m not the same person I was 8 years ago. I’m not in college, I have a full time job,  and pay taxes. I’m the most independent I’ve ever been. I’m doing more research on issues outside of web periodicals or “news” on my Facebook feed. I mean really, who have I become? Who is this woman who furrows her brows at the Democratic National Convention, or this woman who also watches the Republican National Convention and struggles to stay awake?

As these questions whirl through my curly head I drop my eyes down to my hands and feel grounded. My breathing slows and a focus comes to me. I feel my feet on the floor and my head floating above my shoulders. I am alive. And everything else is just noise outside of this thought. I think in the place, I can make better life decisions. I mean, it’s all in my hands.



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