My Body. Positivity. Movement.

Body Positivity is a hot trend right now and think I fall into that category with this blog. However I don’t side with the mentality of condoning unhealthy eating habits and positively justifying having a body that is a direct result of it. I won’t cheer on a woman who takes pride in eating whatever she wants and is increasing her chance for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. I will respect her choice but I can’t “Like” her post. Too many women in my family are suffering and have died from such complications. I know the decisions we make with what we choose to put in our bodies will also genetically effect our children and potentially put them as risk. New studies in Epigenetics show that our kids don’t get a clean slate. What we expose our bodies to now will effect the next generation. It’s kind of a big deal.

What I believe is, and remains, that these bodies we have been given are a gifts. We cannot squander them. I don’t care what body shape a women has or what her size is as long as she is honestly trying to take care of herself, mind, body, and soul.

And I know that people want to say “I just want to eat whatever I want!” I’ve heard it many times from people, including myself, who  want to consume what they know could be harmful to them in large quantities, like Hot Cheetos for example. They are the most delicious snack I’ve had since Cool Ranch Doritos! Of course this is only because it’s loaded with MSG but for some reason we feel the need to justify eating whole bags, as you are prone to do because of said hunger inducing chemical. At the same time this is America and people do have a right to consume what they want, other than illegal drugs and products, especially if they have the resources to do so. But in truth having  or eating “whatever you want” is gluttony.

Real Talk, there must be some restraint, some discipline, otherwise there are consequences to pay. And we pay it with our bodies and health. Full disclosure I’m not a nutritionist and I can’t tell women what they should and shouldn’t eat. I feel it’s important to be honest about what we are actually putting in our bodies, both the benefits and repercussions.

I do encourage body positivity but it doesn’t end there. At the same time I encourage others, especially women, to have a long hard look at themselves naked in the mirror and face what they see while incorporating movement or dance. Have a look at The Guide if you are curious about dancing naked. My Body Positivity Movement is focused on what we put into our bodies: Positive Speech, Real Food, Love, & Forgiveness. There’s noting artificial about that. There’s also something more interesting in the What than the Why here. Instead of “Why can’t I just eat whatever I want?” I prefer the question, “What am I feeling right now that makes me want to eat this?” Ha! A challenge! I wish we could have more enthusiasm about dealing with our personal issues. I just feel like it’d be more satisfying to the spiritual palate.


Brynn Possible


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