Day 111: Bored

I’ve found myself becoming uninspired at times, or bored with my naked form. The original enthusiasm of the Dance Naked 365 Project has fading and I think is this only natural. At first I thought this loss of interest was a sign that my plight was fading and that perhaps others would feel it too. However I believe it’s a fatigue that comes with daily routines or habits. You continue them with less and less sensation until they become part of your daily life functions and I think that is what is happening. I wasn’t sure how to handle this and considered wrapping it up. “Is what I’m doing vain?” I thought but I’m not looking in the mirror the whole time, 

I haven’t been posting as regularly but have continued my process and logging my times everyday, along with thoughts and sketches. I’ll put up what I’ve been up to over the past few months with dancing naked! 


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