Day 113-306: Time Heals Everything

Well, today is the last day I will dance naked for 2016!

Time has been a major part of my Dance Naked 365 project. For the past few months I’ve been dancing naked and tracking my hours via iPhone stop watch on my phone. Where I started with drawings everyday I’ve just been keeping time. Hence my illustration culminating the past few months. The minutes in a song are very important to how my night will go or how long my session will be. I take a screen shot of the clock when I’m done. I’ve counted the days on my illustrations. I’m glad I just have days with numbers because sometimes I lose track, I have so many and the days get confused sometimes. The months, weeks, hours, minutes, have all added up to the ending of a year. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 9 months now!

Dancing naked has become part of my everyday like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. I’ve always danced naked since I was in high school but now I’ve been doing it more than ever!

The big question is: What does all this time add up to? My project started out being an impassioned experience, full of wonder and discovery, then it got boring, tedious, then exciting again, then felt purposeless, then reignited, and now it has become this steady heartbeat. It’s like a relationship. There is this fire in the beginning, high romance, and then at some point you wonder why you’re with this person and have to remember all the reasons you got started. But there’s this point where you’ve done all the work in the relationship and then you’re just living your lives together. Getting married, having kids, getting a dog, moving through life, through time, steadily. I felt bad because I wasn’t doing an illustration every day like I was as the start but the dancing became more important and the timer was my proof. Something to track my progress. The hours and hours I’ve spent in my bathroom and my apartment just dancing. I didn’t know it would happen this way. I was expecting some huge revelation or discovery but honestly I’ve just found what has been here all along. Me.

As the clock ticks down to the year 2017, I’ve been reflecting on this past year. When I started this project I had been in Denver less than a year. I didn’t know what kind of work I could find acting and if my passion would be fulfilled here. I was taking a huge leap of faith. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work at the biggest theater in this city, found some great friends, a job that let’s be take off to audition and perform, and joined an indie film company with awesome people. Now, I’ve definitely had my dark days of doubt and uncertainty, and work was skimpy but it came in waves, and as soon as I was low I was on the up and up again. Such are the seasons of life! And of course, if everything were great life would be quite boring.

My New Year’s resolution? Finish the Dance Naked 365 Project strong! Only 2 more months and I will be done! Since March I have literally been dancing like and when no one is watching so this one really is for me. I don’t know if anyone will follow this but at least I know I did it! I put in the hours and the heart. I suppose there is something to finishing what you started. I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!


Brynn Possible


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