Day 307: Happy New Year! Yay 2017!

So kicking off 2017 I will be dancing naked to classical music all this month! Inspired by the Amazon Prime series Mozart in the Jungle I will be giving my dancing spirit to great classical musicians.  Last night I started out with one of my all time favorites,Yo-Yo Ma’s Obrigao Brazil. I picked this album up in a Barnes & Noble, or maybe it was Borders, when I was in my senior year of high school when I played violin in the orchestra. Needless to say this album has resonated with me for years and is still relevant today. The last episode of Mozart in the Jungle of Season 3 ends with the first track of Obrigado Brazil, “A Lenda Do Caboclo” which translates to “The Legend of the Native”. It was there in that moment I was transported and inspired. I knew the song immediately. Fun fact: “Caboclo” means the mixing of races between native indians and Europeans in Brazil! I personally thought it was perfectly timed, as are fortuitous things, I suppose!

Enjoy “A Lenda Do Caboclo”



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