Origin Story

Brynn was a regular girl from a regular town, nothing special. And even when her Mom told her that she was in fact very special she didn’t quite believe her.BornforThis

As little Brynn grew up to be a teenager and she looked in the mirror at herself, she didn’t like the image she saw. Instead of crawling into a hole of despair, Brynn started to stand in front of the mirror for long periods of time. Eventually she started taking off her clothes. All of them, piece by piece. She then firmly decided she would not put them back on until she saw herself, her true self.

Some days this took a few minutes and other days it took hours. Slowly she began to like her reflection more and more. Then she added music and dancing to her daily mirror sessions. And not just swaying from side to side, teenage Brynn created epic pieces of choreography with costumes, props; performed air guitar solos on toilet seats, burlesque on Mom’s favorite dining room furniture, karaoke in the living room, and robot-ing in the kitchen, all in her birthday suit!

As the years passed Brynn grew into a woman, a quiet girl turned professional actress in the city. One day she opened her eyes in her apartment and looked long and hard at her naked body in the mirror, sweaty from the evening’s dance party, and turned down the music that annoyed her neighbors. As she started to put her clothes back on, heart thumping and out of breath, she thought to herself, “Wow, nobody knows I do this.” It was then that her world shifted. Brynn realized that she was anything but regular. She was made up of stars. And she finally wanted to share what she did with the world. And maybe, maybe she could inspire others to do the same: celebrate and love their bodies every day by Dancing Naked. She knew she was born for this.


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