DanceNaked 365 Project!

This is the part where take all my clothes off. Literally. Like…every day.

To be honest being naked is probably one of the most vulnerable and scariest things for me to do. Well, it’s about time I practice what I preach. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am going to dance naked...every day for 365 days this March 1st! Do what you fear the most, right?

I’ve recently moved to Denver, Colorado to start a whole new life with my partner. I have a new job and am trying to make a name for myself out here in the wild wild west. So far it’s been a great adventure. I’ve gone mountain climbing, hiking in Aspen, some cool film and theater work, and met some really great friends. But one thing that has kind of slipped away from me is dancing naked. *gasp* I KNOW!!! What used to be my grounding ritual has been pushed off to the side because I’ve been too stressed moving, tired from the daily grind, or just over-tired from the whirlwind of beginning again. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been dancing naked and now believe it has to do with being unsure of myself in this new environment. Who am I in this strange new place? Will I find prosperity here or will I fail? Did I make the right choice? All of these feeling bubble up now and then and gets stuck up in my throat. Here’s the thing: The future is so unclear and I don’t know what’s in store for me but I have to make each day count, face myself in the mirror and just accept where I am. One thing that’s good to establish when you’re in a new place: a routine.


Todd Henry, creator of the podcast The Accidental Creative and author of Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Everyday, talks about the importance of ritual and how having regular habits that challenge and inspire you is crucial to unlocking your best work. In my case, the ritual will be dancing naked and my best work is myself. How do I make myself my best self? I’m not exactly sure who that particular myself self is but I want to meet her! I think this is a good start. And small steps ultimately lead you where you want to go.


In addition to dedicating a good chunk of time on self reflection and creativity, I’m going to devote my time to compassion. How can I utilize my mind and my time to help others?Compassion isn’t just about doing good deeds. It’s also about being patient, listening, empathizing, and forgiveness too! All of these things are part of the self-healing journey. You’re going to hear me talk about compassion a lot, so get ready!

How’s this gonna go?

I will be journaling my sessions every day starting March 1st. I will post every night for the next day and these will include some kind of illustration. Every Monday I will post a reflection video of my progress, ideas, and struggles.

Here’s a sketch of what I have:

Into the Wild Blue Yonder!

As you can see  I’ve only outlined how one would follow me as a take on this huge task of not only facing my naked self every day but full on dancing as well. So bear with me as I navigate this challenge. There may be a few tweaks to improve on this but I won’t stray too much. I mean are four things are pretty clear: Be completely naked, play music, spend a portion of that time acknowledging my bare self in the mirror, and record my experience. It’s pretty straight forward. I’m a little anxious and my hands get a little sweaty just thinking about this but I have faith and if I take it one day at a time it won’t seem like such a beast. I mean it’s only me after all!

Take this journey with me.

Don’t worry you don’t have to dance naked everyday but if you’d like to follow me on this crazy journey follow this blog or sign up to get e-mail notifications on the right sidebar. If you have any questions, comments, or curiosities reach out to me in Ask Me Anything!. And if you’d like to know more about starting your own dancing naked ritual, check out The Guide.

To stepping into the abyss with sure steps,

Ever truly yours,