Day 315: J.S. Bach Suite #4 in Eb Major; “Prelude, Allemande, & Courante”

Today I enter Suite #4 just after #1. I’m not exactly sure why they are not ordered from 1 to 6. Perhaps it has to do with how they all flow together. I honestly don’t mind at all. If you like yoga, this suite is perfect. There are many moments to enjoy and savor certain holds. The music gives you a subtle push to go deeper and the rhythm helps you remember to breathe. Below is “Sarabande” to to give you an idea of how great this would sound when you’re in downward dog or reaching up for a sun salutation!




Day 314: Suite No.4, J.S. Bach Unacccompanied Suites, Yo-Yo Ma

Day 314 and I emerge into the 4th suite by J.S. Bach. This time I am in Keystone, Colorado. The snow rises with the mountains as the tops of pine trees wade in white dust. As we drive up the mountain we look ever the road edge only to see the ridges and valleys have disappeared into a foggy chalky abyss. After skiing and snow shoeing we return to our cabin and warm by the fire. After a few hours of friendship and libation I retire to my room and dance to my music. Solitude suits me. As I slide into bed I close my eyes, my body at peace, as the snow falls silently outside my window lulling me to sleep.

Day 313: J.S. Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites, No.1, Yo-Yo Ma

There are 6 Suites total on this album. They are also unordered. The next suite will be No. 4. The first is very familiar, the quaint essential classical track list. What scholars would listen to while they debated politics and romance over whiskey in a musty study hall lit by candlelight at the turn of the twentieth century. Or a warmup for the company of the New York Ballet, silk slippers gliding across chalky wooden flooring in the growing morning light.

I’ve begun listening to the album when I wake up and prepare breakfast. It lingers in my mind as I sleep. I feel elevated after dancing naked, purpose. The music moves through me, through Yo-Yo Ma, through everyone in earshot and time itself. I mean, this Bach guy was on to something. I think I’ll keep this going. Here’s to the classics!


Day 312: Yo-Yo Ma, J.S. Bach, The 6 Unaccompanied Cello Suites

Day 312 I begin with the J.S. Bach’s 6 Unaccomapnied Cello Suites featuring Yo-Yo Ma! This album is is amazing. It’s just Yo-Yo Ma in a studio playing these historical suites. No big deal. I can hear his breathing at moments, the gentle sliding movement of the bow on the strings, and tiny ambient noise that create the feeling that he’s playing in the room with me. “The J.S. Bach B Sides”. This is an excellent album to relax to, stretch to, or start off your morning with a calm mind before a busy day!


Day 311: Obrigado Brazil

Well, Day 311 marks the last day of  Yo-Yo Ma’s “Obrigado Brazil”! It was very special for me to revisit this album I’ve had for over a decade. Even more so that it still resonates with me today as an adult. Moving forward I will continue my classical music month with another awesome album by Yo-Yo Ma (I promise I’ll pick a different artist after this!) “J.S. Bach, The 6 Unaccompanied Cello Suites”. Honestly I just feel so fancy dancing naked to music centuries old!  #classicalmusicnerd

💕Brynn Possible

Brynn Possible’s 2017 Inspirations!: Part 2

Today I am featuring my new favorite journal to fulfill my New Year’s Resolution! I love this small, compact, journal from Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress. If you love to draw, sketch, or make lists, this will make a stylish and excellent companion. Check it out!


Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress



Note: This notebook is priced around $16 at Wordshop but $15 online from Bison.

Wordshop Paperie, Denver

Favorite Paperie EVER!!





Day 309 & 310: “Alma Brasileira”

“Alma Brasileira.” This song. On repeat. Just melt away. I thought I was going to get through the rest of the album but this song pulled me into a whirlpool of emotions. I was cast off into a waking dream. The cold left my body, wintered in Denver, and found warmth in the vibrations of the violin strings and piano accompaniment. I’ve never been to Brazil but I was there. Is Obrigado Brazil my new favorite album?! This is definitely a must have! Below you’ll find a video to listen for yourself!

💖-Brynn Possible

Brynn Possible’s 2017 Inspirations!: Part 1

Hey beautiful people! I’d like to share some inspirations that I am using to make this year a great one. First off, check out a real game changer in my everyday life: PASSION PLANNER!

Note: In my video I said Passion Planner’s start at $20, however they actually start at $25.

Passion Planner:”The Planner Designed With Your Passions In Mind.”

2017 DATED COMPACT, BIRDS & BEES BLACK, Limited Edition; 5.5″x8.5″








Day 308: Dansa

Continuing with Yo-Yo Ma’s Obrigado Brazil, I am just a little over halfway done with the album! The order of the songs here isn’t the same as the original album. I have a playlist on my iTunes and just let it play. I’m really digging my new journal! I enjoy the layout because it allows me to write on one side and then draw on the other. There is very little bleed from the previous page as I can see. If you really like this little notebook, you can find it at I picked this up at a quaint little shop in the Denver Highlands called Word Shop Paperie where their catch phrase  is “Punctuation is a lost accessory”. Learn more about this journal and more in my Brynn Possible’s 2017 Inspirations  post tomorrow!

Day 307: Happy New Year! Yay 2017!

So kicking off 2017 I will be dancing naked to classical music all this month! Inspired by the Amazon Prime series Mozart in the Jungle I will be giving my dancing spirit to great classical musicians.  Last night I started out with one of my all time favorites,Yo-Yo Ma’s Obrigao Brazil. I picked this album up in a Barnes & Noble, or maybe it was Borders, when I was in my senior year of high school when I played violin in the orchestra. Needless to say this album has resonated with me for years and is still relevant today. The last episode of Mozart in the Jungle of Season 3 ends with the first track of Obrigado Brazil, “A Lenda Do Caboclo” which translates to “The Legend of the Native”. It was there in that moment I was transported and inspired. I knew the song immediately. Fun fact: “Caboclo” means the mixing of races between native indians and Europeans in Brazil! I personally thought it was perfectly timed, as are fortuitous things, I suppose!

Enjoy “A Lenda Do Caboclo”